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Terri Matern - Tennessee

Terri Matern's video for "Tennessee, off her album "Let's Go Dancing." Song written by Doug Matern, produced by Doc Holiday, and filmed by NG Productions.

Terri Matern - Never Tried So Hard

Terri Matern's new video for Never Tried So Hard, off the album "Let's Go Dancing." Filmed by GRP Productions at Danville B&B (Geneva, FL).

Doug Matern - First Time I Met You

Studio session of "First Time I Met You," a song Doug wrote and performed for his daughter Leah's wedding. Filmed by Austin Newman, Natural Wonders Productions.

New Video Release - Terri Matern "I've Got to Go"

Official studio video for "I've Got to Go," the title track off Terri and Doug's new album! Filmed at Evermore Studios by Natural Wonders Productions. 

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