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Meet the Materns

Terri Matern

Multi-award-winning producer Doc Holiday calls Terri Matern "The Newest Star in the Nashville Sky." Since she set foot in Nashville's Quad Studios in May 2014 to record her debut album, "The Songs, The Voice, Terri Matern," she has collaborated with some of country music's biggest icons, including Doug "The Ragin Cajun" Kershaw, legendary producer Doc Holiday, and his prestigious A-Team of studio musicians, which include Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers Craig Kampf, Pat Severs, Bobby Bradley, and Bruce Springsteen's bassist Garry Tallent.

With two albums, several STS Top 50 singles, and a Grammy nomination under her belt, Terri has stolen the show worldwide with her strong, clear and haunting voice, and her sweet, heartfelt delivery. She is currently recording her third album, to release late 2016.

Despite her rapid success, Terri Matern is not your typical country diva. While many of her contemporaries got their start waiting tables and playing Open Mics in Nashville's hot spots, Terri was a mom and housewife who sang for fun around the house while her husband Doug played guitar. She did not pursue her passion for music until producer Doc Holiday heard her singing on a demo that Doug wrote for another artist. The rest, as they say, is history.

While Terri's style is entirely unique, her influences include Merilee Rush, Dusty Springfield, Miranda Lambert and Tracy Chapman, as well as her own Southern roots. Her albums "Let's Go Dancing" and "The Songs, The Voice, Terri Matern" are available for download on iTunes and Amazon, and she regularly performs acoustic shows alongside Doug in the Orlando area and beyond.


Doug Matern

Doug Matern is a singer, songwriter and storyteller. With poignant lyrics and timeless melodies, his songs are often said to take listeners on an emotional journey.

Doug started playing and writing music over thirty years ago, gradually shifting focus to his growing business and family. Through the years, he never lost his passion for music, and his since re-entered the music scene as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Since re-launching his music career, Doug has written and recorded four albums, including Terri Matern's "Let's Go Dancing" and "The Songs, The Voice, Terri Matern." Doug's first album "I'm Comin' Home Carolina" was recorded by Americana/folk singer Dr. Paul, who competed on NBC's "The Voice."

Until the 2015 release of his solo album, "I've Got a Story to Tell," Doug had always worked behind the scenes, accompanying Terri on guitar at her shows and writing songs for other recording artists. Today, he is an emerging performer to watch out for. His standout solo track "Streets of Hell" received the June 2015 Akademia Award in the category of Americana, and his singles "My Own Song" and "Donnie" have reached the Top 20 of the STS charts.

Doug owes his love of songwriting to his late best friend and mentor Donnie Osborne, who taught him to write music and play guitar. His musical influences include Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, the Eagles, Little River Band, Bonnie Raitt, and Tracy Chapman, as well as Allan Jackson, Vince Gill and today's pop country singers. As a result, Doug can write in an array of genres, including country, Americana, folk, Adult Contemporary and blues.

Are you a recording artist looking for fresh new material? Doug is open to co-writing and collaborating with new artists. You can access his full songwriting portfolio on his Music page, or drop him a line to discuss your ideas.

She's the singer. He's the storyteller. Their voices fit together seamlessly, and stand out on their own, enchanting listeners with their sweet country sound. Meet Terri and Doug Matern.

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